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Musicians Friend Hours
Posted on 03.12.17 by holiday @

So…my husband quit his job before he officially got the notice that he was hired for the other job he applied for..I know right? Who in the world does that, counting his chickens before they hatched. But now he gets to stay home and wait when and if he hears for the place he thought he had a job with. So, he gets to catch up on his guitar playing. His favorite place to shop for his guitar accessories online is musicians friend and you can check out musicians friend hours right at their site.

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Posted on 03.01.17 by holiday @

Have you ever seen the beach rentals…they are simply gorgeous. When you see them you will never want to stay in that bedbug infested hotel every again. And if you have a larger family then that beach rental is the way to go because many places to not accommodate groups over 4 people.

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Posted on 02.04.17 by holiday @

Have you ever hears a flutophone? It is sort of like a recorder and I think every parent has had the pleasure of hearing a recorder. My nephew came over all excited that he got his recorder from school to start to learn…and my sister is not thrilled at all because she remembers all too well what it was like when her daughter played it! I just laugh actually. They are not expensive instruments but if you don’t know how to play them then they can be a little annoying at times.

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Detox Beats
Posted on 12.18.16 by holiday @

When it comes to headphones you want to make sure that you get ones that are going to sound good but that are not going to hurt your eardrums. The detox beats are both. They sound good and if use properly and as intended are not like the cheap earbuds that you can buy pretty much anywhere now. It is important to protect you hearing because it is very hard to fix and correct if you are listening to music especially through headphones all the time.

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Posted on 12.13.16 by holiday @

I have been doing crunches lately and I really do not feel as thought it is doing very much for me at all lately. I am getting a little discouraged because I don’t think I will ever be able to get rid of this baby pooch that I have been sporting for the last decade or so. I am afraid that I am creating muscle underneith all that pooch what seems to be just extra skin!

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Yamaha Mixers
Posted on 10.12.16 by holiday @

I can’t believe that it is that time of year again! Crazy! Once school seems to start time just seems to fly by it seems. And the cold weather begins, it starts getting darker earlier and the holidays are just around the corner. Which means it is also time to start thinking about what you are going to get certain people. My husband is a guitar enthusiast which means that he would like to buy as many guitars and guitar items as he possibly can including the amplifiers, soundboards and yamaha mixers.

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Niagara Falls
Posted on 10.10.16 by holiday @

You don’t hear too much about Niagara Falls. My husband and I took a trip up, about seven years ago and enjoyed everyday we were there. Everyone told us to go to the Canadian side that it was much more beautiful. We did go to the Canadian side and thought it was breathtakingly beautiful, however we visited the United States side and enjoyed the beauty just as much. We actually stayed over in New York because the cost of a hotel was less on the American side.

One thing we saw, was fireworks over the falls, and I remember them being spectacular. We had gone to Disney World a few times and enjoyed their fireworks, but they were nothing in comparison to the ones we saw at Niagara Falls.

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Spring Reverb
Posted on 09.27.16 by holiday @

The holidays are right around the corner! Once school starts and the fall leaves start falling time just flies by and before you know it the holidays will be here. And there is nothing better than shopping online. My husband loves his guitar infact that is what he majored in in college. So, I like to get him new guitar toys like a spring reverb for the holidays. He will eventually need a room for all of his guitar stuff!

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Wooden Swing Sets
Posted on 08.30.16 by holiday @

If you ask me good old fashioned wooden swing sets are the way to go. Forget the plastic and even the steel because it rusts and it really does look bad after a while. The wood is great and it really does last the duration of a child’s childhood. And it looks so much nicer in your yard. Spend the little bit extra and not only will you enjoy looking at your kids play on it but it will not be such an eye sore in your back yard. And they really are like little clubhouses – so much better than when I was a kid!

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Blake Shelton Greatest Hits
Posted on 05.22.16 by holiday @

It is always a challenge finding nice guitar music that is easy for even the beginner to play. I usually get sheet music rather than committing to an entire book like blake shelton greatest hits. My favorite guitar songs are ones by Taylor Swift like the Never Grow Up song…so easy to sing but not so easy to play because they are not just block chords. I really have to crack down on practicing because I do love to sing with the guitar…even thought I don’t sing all that great either!

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Equestrian Riding Apparel
Posted on 05.13.16 by holiday @

So, my niece is doing the horse thing…she started taking horseback riding lessons and she love its. And I have to say that she does really good…like a natural. So, that means that she is looking for that equestrian riding apparel. She has the pants, hat, gloves and boots..she is actually looking quite good and very fashionable. Although it can be expensive if you don’t know where to shop. She doesn’t’ have a horse though…I think her parents are going to give it a few years to see if she really likes it because that is a big investment in not only money but time!

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Guitar Beginner
Posted on 04.30.16 by holiday @

I told my husband he should really start teaching guitar again. He use to teach it when he was in college. However, his patience is not like it use to be that is for sure. He would have to think like that a guitar beginner in order to teach it..remember what it was like when he was a beginner. He actually has a beginner guitar that he could have them use if they don’t have a guitar of their own to start out with. He tried to teach me guitar and he definitely needs more patience though lol

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Band Saw Blades
Posted on 03.15.16 by holiday @

I love to fix things and make things myself. I just find it to be so much more satisfying and in my opinion more times than not it will come out looking so much better than if you were to pay someone to do it that only cares about the money and not the workmanship that goes into it. But that means you need equipment to get the stuff done equipment like band saw blades for one. You have to be able to cut the materials you need. Good thing for me that my brother in law is a carpenter!

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Reusable Shopping Bags
Posted on 02.11.16 by holiday @

Personally I do not mind the reusuable shopping bags. They actually can be quite cute and fashionable. And I definitely like them better than the plastic bags. Plastic bags are the worse because they ALWAYS break. And you have to use 2 and sometimes 3 plastic bags depending on how much stuff is in there…that is just such a waste of plastic bags. Then there are the paper bags. They definitely are sturdier than the plastic bags however if it is raining it is just a messy situation. And they take up way more room when you are putting all the groceries in the car because they are so bulky. So, I got a few reusable shopping bags…originally just because I wanted the insulated ones to keep my frozen stuff cold when I shop during the hot summer months. it stinks to get a box of popsicles and then you come home, put them in the fridge and when you are ready to take them out and enjoy one…they were melted and then refroze into weird shapes and the paper is all stuck to them. So, I got more reusable bags and then I actually started getting them customized and using them as gift bags as well!

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Seymour Duncan
Posted on 01.03.16 by holiday @

If you own 1 guitar, then chances are you own more than one. Guitars are like tattoos…you just can not seem to just have one of them. They are addictive. I should know because my husband loves shopping for guitars and he has a few but even a few is more than you really need in my opinion. But I am not one that plays guitars. I think a good acoustic guitar and a good electric one like a Seymour Duncan is just enough.

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Posted on 01.02.16 by holiday @

My sister just got a house and it was a forclosure…these are the houses that are very hot now. However you have to get them before all the dishonest real estate agents get them and then sell them to make a profit for themselves. And that is why the country is the way it is. You have greedy people that are sucking up all the property’s that people can actually afford and they are making huge profits on them.

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Ovison line
Posted on 01.02.16 by holiday @

It is time to reinvent your kitchen! What better time of year. It is cold outside so you can not do any yard work and it is just a great way to start the new year, fixing up your home. And the kitchen is a great room to start because you always are in the kitchen. I know that my mother fixed up her kitchen and she was just so happy about it. There are great little things that you can do to make your kitchen look and feel new too like checking out for the best tips.

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Band Saw Blades
Posted on 01.01.16 by holiday @

Some people like getting practical gifts…everything from that vacuum for her and those band saw blades for him…or visa versa. And getting practical gifts for just no reason at all is the best kind of gift. It is something that you need and someone got it for you not because they thought or felt that they had to because of a holidays but just because they were kind enough to get it or were thinking of you when they saw it….those are the best gifts!

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How To Build A Theremin
Posted on 09.12.15 by holiday @

Ever wonder how to build a theremin? Why not build your own instrument. I bet it would sound great. Did you know that a theremin is one of the earliest music instruments created where a performer does not even have to touch the instrument. I remember watching with my nephew the show Yo Gabba Gabba and they had that instrument on there. It was actually very cool. A neat instrument to try to make.

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Washburn Guitars
Posted on 09.02.15 by holiday @

If you are looking for that fabulous gift for that guitar lover than you cannot go wrong with washburn guitars at Musician’s Friend. And guitars are very addictive too…once you learn how to play it you just want to get many different kinds of guitars and there are so many great brands out there to choose from. My good friend just got her daughter a guitar and she is going to teach herself. It definitely takes a certain discipline to teach yourself something and stick to it but she really wants to so self taught lessons may work for her.

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Storable’s Storage Containers
Posted on 06.27.15 by holiday @

I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough spaces for storage. I am always looking for creating ways to put all of my stuff without making it look all cluttered. I need organization in my home because without it I just am very uptight. Things need to be put away and in a place that is easy to find. There are great Storable’s storage containers . And you can get things that will go with your personal decor. My mother just loves wicker stuff. She has furniture that is made of sicker so they have baskets of all sizes that would go perfect. I love to have baskets in the bathroom to store things like cotton balls and q-tips. I don’t like them just stuffed in the closet and then you can never really find them. Storage containers and units just make things look better and make things easier. And they don’t cost all the much either!

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Sectional Sofas
Posted on 06.27.15 by holiday @

Finally it is nicer weather outside so, that means all of the outdoor furniture is selling…so why not take this opportunity to redecorate the inside of your home with some Sectional Sofas Club Furniture. It is always lots of fun and sometimes the simplest of things and changes can make a huge difference. A couch is like a bed…you really have to replace it every 10-15 years. Especially if you have pet – they can really destroy stuff if you let them. Personally, I love sectional sofas. I never did until my in-laws got one and I thought was ok but then after a while I just really liked it. And the one that they got was super soft and you could literally fall asleep within 10 minutes because it was that comfy. And a couch can be a nice contrasting color to walls or curtains. It is always a nice idea to update one room a year so that you are not overwhelmed and realize one day that you are stuck in a decade that happened 2 decades ago!

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Best Accounting
Posted on 05.22.15 by holiday @

If you have a business then you may need an accountant depending on what business you have and how big it is. My parents had a small business and they had an accountant and personally I think that I could have done a better job than this person did. That is why you have to do your research so that you can get the best accounting raleigh has to offer you. There is no sense in paying someone to budget your books if you could do just as good a job if not a better job…that right their is bad budgeting. It does not take a college graduate with a masters degree in accounting to balance a check book!

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Posted on 05.20.15 by holiday @

There are so many different types of guitars out there to choose from everything from that famous fender that Everyone knows about to a solid body guitar like the Bigsby. Personally, I love acoustic guitars. I just find their sound to be so soothing if they are played correctly. And I like classical guitar but if given the choice I just like acoustic pop songs played not the guitar that you hear on the radio.
It make people want o learn how to play the guitar 🙂

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Prescription Pet Medications
Posted on 05.15.15 by holiday @

When you have a pet that is sick it is just like a child that is sick. Intact, many people treat their pets better than their children! But sometimes you just really don’t have the time to go all the way to their vet and what if you can’t get there before it closes. Sometimes Vet’s have weird hours. So, why not get prescription pet medications online. We buy everything else online so it would just make sense to get prescriptions online as well.

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