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Shoe Care Guide
Posted on 05.02.15 by holiday @

Most women just love their shoes. I am not one that goes crazy about shoes but the shoes that I do have I would like to keep them nice looking for as longs as I can because shoes can be so very expensive! My niece just LOVES shoes though. She is one that can go to the mall for one of those big cookies and come home instead with 2 pairs of new shoes! I have had the same pair of boots fro 5 years now and I have to say that they always look like they are brand new when I wear them. It is just a matter of know how to care for certain types of material when it comes to shoes whether it is suede or leather or shoes that need to be shined. You can Check out Hanger Project’s shoe care guide to see what would work best to make your shoes look like you just bought them. And boots are expensive. Who has the extra money to spend every year on shoes when you can just learn the correct way to take care of them and they can look awesome for years. Talk about a great way to save money!

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