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Reusable Shopping Bags
Posted on 02.11.16 by holiday @

Personally I do not mind the reusuable shopping bags. They actually can be quite cute and fashionable. And I definitely like them better than the plastic bags. Plastic bags are the worse because they ALWAYS break. And you have to use 2 and sometimes 3 plastic bags depending on how much stuff is in there…that is just such a waste of plastic bags. Then there are the paper bags. They definitely are sturdier than the plastic bags however if it is raining it is just a messy situation. And they take up way more room when you are putting all the groceries in the car because they are so bulky. So, I got a few reusable shopping bags…originally just because I wanted the insulated ones to keep my frozen stuff cold when I shop during the hot summer months. it stinks to get a box of popsicles and then you come home, put them in the fridge and when you are ready to take them out and enjoy one…they were melted and then refroze into weird shapes and the paper is all stuck to them. So, I got more reusable bags and then I actually started getting them customized and using them as gift bags as well!

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