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Shoe Care Guide
Posted on 05.02.15 by holiday @

Most women just love their shoes. I am not one that goes crazy about shoes but the shoes that I do have I would like to keep them nice looking for as longs as I can because shoes can be so very expensive! My niece just LOVES shoes though. She is one that can go to the mall for one of those big cookies and come home instead with 2 pairs of new shoes! I have had the same pair of boots fro 5 years now and I have to say that they always look like they are brand new when I wear them. It is just a matter of know how to care for certain types of material when it comes to shoes whether it is suede or leather or shoes that need to be shined. You can Check out Hanger Project’s shoe care guide to see what would work best to make your shoes look like you just bought them. And boots are expensive. Who has the extra money to spend every year on shoes when you can just learn the correct way to take care of them and they can look awesome for years. Talk about a great way to save money!

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Posted on 03.18.15 by holiday @

If you have been playing guitar for years and years then you may not need a guitar tuner because you know what to listen for. But if you are just a novice and new to the guitar and music world then investing in a good tuner is a necessity if you want to sound good. You can be fingering the right note but if it doesn’t sound right then you will get very discouraged very quickly. It is a small investment that will give you a big return…making your notes sound as good as they should!

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Casady’s Bass
Posted on 01.23.15 by holiday @

If you are one who likes to play the guitar then you probably have more than one and more than one kind. I know that if my husband had it his way there would be an entire room devoted to his music and he would be getting a new guitar and bass like a Casady’s bass probably once a month. it is his passion but it is a costly one that is for sure!

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Shopping For Wedding Bands
Posted on 12.10.14 by holiday @

So…you are getting married…there is just so much to do!!! I pulled off my wedding in 2 months…I think that if you are under a lot of pressure to hurry up and plan it it is sometimes easier than planning it for an entire year 🙂 One of the most important and lasting things that you get when you are getting married are the all important wedding bands. Sometimes you will get them as a gift for your spouse. I know that I got my husband his wedding bands and he got me mine – kind of a nice idea. There is just so much more to choose from these days!!

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Swing Dance Lessons
Posted on 12.09.14 by holiday @

OMG how much fun would it be to go for some for swing dance lessons. Personally if someone got me fee lessons for a christmas gift I would just absolutely love it. I mean, my husband would just hate it but I think it would be such fun. And if you are not married then what a great way to met someone that loves to do what you like. And swing dancing min my opinion is just one of the most fun dances to try to learn and it is not that difficult either…great workout that is for sure!

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Patagonia Jackets
Posted on 11.21.14 by holiday @

When it comes to fashion now is the time to go and get really nice patagonia jackets from It is still winter and even in the Spring it can be quite cold. But now is the time to get the winter jackets and items because they are getting ready to put out all the spring stuff so you can get the great prices out there. But you have to hurry because the end of the season sales do not last all that long. Many people scoop up the deals and get that one size bigger for their kids to wear next year.

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Epiphone Les Paul
Posted on 11.20.14 by holiday @

Why not get a great guitar for that guitar lover in your family like a new epiphone les paul. I know that my husband loves to play the guitar and in the past I have surprised him with a new guitar and I think it was the best gift I had ever got him to date. Of course I knew exactly which one that he wanted, I was not going to take a chance with that, but he loved getting that new guitar. And the best part was that I didn’t even have to go out and search around. I just had to find it online and order it!

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Push Bars
Posted on 10.24.14 by holiday @

When it comes to your car you either fall in one of 2 categories….you don’t really care as long as it gets you where you need to go and then the extreme…you need your car to be absolutely perfect – running and looking! Some people make it there obsession to fix up there cars exactly to their likings from the push bars to the floor mats. And there are so many great sites out there that can help you out like Car iD. This site has a ton of great parts and even just general information on exactly what you need. This is a very user friendly site that has great pictures and descriptions to go along with their products.

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Century Furniture
Posted on 10.23.14 by holiday @

It is a great time of year to think about fixing up the inside of your home. During the summer people are more focused not he yard and garden and outside furniture but with the holidays right around the corner wouldn’t it be great to have a great living room with new furniture. You can get Century Furniture sold here and order it right online without any hassle. And personally, I think buying things online is SO much easier than going in the stores.

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Posted on 07.27.14 by holiday @

If you are one that likes to play guitars then chances are you do not just have one guitar. People that play have at least 2 guitars and they are always looking for extra guitars out there so that they can play different ones like Martin guitars. And you can get guitar…really great guitars for a great price. I know somone that is addicted to getting guitars but he finally realized that he can’t afford it so- he sells one before he gets a new one.

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Fenugreek Tea
Posted on 02.27.13 by holiday @

So, I have been drinking fenugreek tea lately and it kind of tastes horrible. But it is suppose to be good for you so I figured I would give it a try. I have to put honey in it because it is just too bitter for me and I am trying very hard to just stay far away from all that refined white sugar out there which is so bad for you.

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New Watch
Posted on 02.16.13 by holiday @

I need a new watch. I have a phone but I really don’t like to use it as a watch. I don’t like to have it in my pocket all day long because I know it can not be good for your overall health. I just don’t want to have to deal with the ramifications of what these toxic electronics are going to do to my body in years to come. I think it will not be good so I turn my off and put them away as many times as I can.

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Posted on 02.01.13 by holiday @

\If you have ever travelled to North Carolina then you know how incredibly beautiful it really is. The people are nice, the homes are beautiful and if you have the means then now is really the time to invest in some property or some real estate. I know that if I could I would definately take this opportunity because when the economy gets better another home would be quite nice. Or if you are just looking for a home..the prices are right in NC.

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Posted on 01.23.13 by holiday @

And that pretty much goes along with everything that you are going to have to get for your big day. Gone are the days where you have to go to a million different specialty stores to get what you are looking for. They have such a great selection of bridesmaid gifts out there – everything from personalized gifts to jewelry that they can not only wear that day but they can then enjoy forever with other outfits that they have!

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Holiday Facials
Posted on 01.23.13 by holiday @

What a great gift that would be ….a facial. Why not! I am always getting gift certificates for other things. I think that something like this would be awesome because how many people actually pamper themselves likt this. But if you have that gift certificate or that gift for a nice facial then people would endulge and get it done. And with the shopping for the holidays here already…what better time to get some of this done. And this way you will not have to go out to the stores to get a gift for someone that they really will not like or use anyways.

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Free Website
Posted on 01.23.13 by holiday @

Are you looking to build that great website for your new business. You can actually make a very nice looking website absolutely free. There are sites out there like that can help you out. ANd if you have a business even if it is just a local business you should always have that internet site because it is competitive out there. And making a site seems a little bit intimidating but it is really not all that hard to do if you have a good hosting site to help you out.

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Jewelry Gifts
Posted on 01.14.13 by holiday @

I just love to shop online. I think that you can get anything and everything online so why in the world would you want to go to the stores. The selection online is just so much better in my opinion and so aren’t the sales and the prices. And I have my favorite sites as well all do. I love to get jewelry as gifts too…what female doesn’t. Unfortunately my husband doesn’t always remember that I like to get jewelry so I have to bookmark my favorite sites on the computer under my name. So when the time comes…he knows exactly where to go 🙂

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Posted on 01.12.13 by holiday @

Regardless if you are in a small mom and pop business or a bigger business today…you have to see what the deals are out there and find the most affordable prices on everything including things like sieving which many people do not even know what they are. The internet is a great resource to use if you are looking for the most competitive and best prices out there that are going to help you and your business success or at least stay afloat.

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Posted on 01.12.13 by holiday @

So I got my nephew one of those dream lights and they are actually very cute. He likes penguins and they’re just so happen to be a penguin one. You turn them on at night and they make the entire ceiling have stars and they change colors. Even I like it just looking at it it’s very relaxing.

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Pneumatic switches
Posted on 01.12.13 by holiday @

If you are into the fixing business especially when it comes to cars then you are probably very familiar with things like pneumatic switches. I personally just know what these are hearing them through conversations because my dad, and brother in law love these sorts of things and gadgets and all that stuff. And when we are all sitting around we all get to hear about it even if we don’t want to 🙂

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Runny Nose
Posted on 12.25.12 by holiday @

If your child has a ready nose make sure that they are blowing their nose. You do not want them to be sucking all that junk back into their respiratory system and in their stomachs they will actually end up getting more sick and he will not be able to recover. If you have them blow their nose and they will get better quicker.

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Solar Lights for Holidays
Posted on 12.15.12 by holiday @

There is always a reason to decorate throughout the year no matter what the season may be. And why not go green with those Decorate with solar Christmas Lights. It just makes sense to use things that do not require you to have to pay for any energy. It is a win-win situation where you can put up as many lights as you would like and the meter on your house is not going to be going crazy. I have a neighbor that puts up so many lights – it must literally cost $1000’s of dollars during the season. And I have seen those holiday house decorating extreme shows…imagine their bills! Solar is the way to go when it comes to Christmas Lights.

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How Many
Posted on 12.15.12 by holiday @

it just never fails…no matter how many phones you have in your home…if you children then chances are you are always looking for phone. And my sister has that problem all of the time. I finally convinced her that she needed to get a corded phone to put in the kitchen so that she has at least one phone that they can not take away and lose and then it loses it’s charge and you can’t even find it anymore.

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Party Decor
Posted on 12.15.12 by holiday @

I personally love Oriental Trading Holiday Party Supplies. It is one of my favorite sites when it comes to parties because you can always find that discount online and you always get great deals. The best part is that you can buy a dozen of the same item for a super price which is perfect when you have a dozen little children you have to entertain. But it is also great for holiday decorations, high school dances…any time you need cool party stuff this is a great site to check out!

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Posted on 12.15.12 by holiday @

I believe it that men have around 2 times as many head injuries than women do just simply due to the fact that they are usually sports related injuries that are the most common causes for head injuries. And many times head injuries will go without being reported which is not good for the person with the injury. A head injury is a very serious thing and you should always consult your doctor about this.

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