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Djarum Black
Posted on 12.13.12 by holiday @

My uncle does like to smoke his cigars…so it makes it very easy to find that perfect gift for him during this season like djarum black. You can get great prices right online too. I remember when I was little he would only have them during the holidays…but then it turned into specially occasions and then the weekends and now he just has them whenever he wants. He has tried the different brands and flavors so, I like to find things new for him to try.

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Personalized Baby Gifts
Posted on 12.13.12 by holiday @

Pretty Baby Gifts has a great selection of personalized baby gifts everything form blankets to personalized stuffed animals. You can get now that perfect gift that will also be a great keepsake. And they have adorable gifts that will be sure to get many oohs and ahhs at that baby shower. And you can shop right online which will save so much time.

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Happy 1st Birthday
Posted on 12.12.12 by holiday @

How exciting is a birthday party….I always love birthdays especially those that are really special like that first birthday. The possibilities are endless and the best thing is that the baby will love whatever you do because they just want that cake and the empty boxes all of the gifts came in. And now you can get baby gifts that the baby can actually play with…the fun begins!!! There are just so many small children in my family now I am always going to either that baby shower or that first birthday…it is just a fun time in everyone’s lives I think!

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Wholesale Labels
Posted on 12.12.12 by holiday @

I am one that is very organized. There is something about being organized that actually reduces stress in ones life even though it takes more work and effort to be organized than not. Sometimes the simplest of things can make a person or a business more organize like getting those wholesale labels that are cheap and affordable. People are more anxious too when there is clutter and disorganization. My sister’s place is a mess and she is always stressed out and upset…I think it is because her place is a mess!

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Wedding Favor Boxes
Posted on 12.10.12 by holiday @

Shopping for that wedding is very difficult and can be extremely expensive which is why it is just such a good idea to set that budget and that limit that you want to spend on everything. You have to think of everything too from the little things like the wedding guest book to the wedding favors. And depending on the wedding favors you may also need wedding favor boxes to put them in. Wouldn’t it be great to just order everything from the same site.

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Outdoor Wall Fountains
Posted on 11.21.12 by holiday @

Now is the time to purchase those outdoor wall fountains because it is on the off season and that is when you can get the best deals. Outdoor wall fountains are just so pretty too and they make for a great conversation piece that people are going to be sure to notice. I think that most people would love to have that area outdoors that they could show off and have outdoor gathering in but who has the money to fix it up…shopping on the off seasons is a great way to get the best deals.

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Posted on 11.19.12 by holiday @

My husbands shaves pretty much every single day….except when he is on vacation and then he becomes a neanderthal man and does’t shave for an entire week or so. But the average man will shave around 20,000 times in their lifetime. That doesn’t sound like a lot but it really is if you do the math. The is probably true with females shaving their legs!

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Hair Stylist Supplies
Posted on 11.19.12 by holiday @

You would swear that will all the hair stylist supplies that my best friend had when we were in high school that she was planning on becoming a hair dresser. Only at the actual hairdressers have I ever seen more supplies sprawled out on the table and in the area. It was actually quite comical and we all loved going over to her house because she would have the best of the best hair products. My mom always got the discount stuff that never really worked quite as good or smelled as good as the name brands she would get.

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Beach Wedding Favors
Posted on 11.01.12 by holiday @

When it comes to your wedding of course you want to have that dream wedding that you have always envisioned. And if you are thinking of a beach wedding why not get beach wedding favors, decorations, centerpieces. You can have your entire wedding based around a central theme and American Bridal can best help you out when it comes to beach wedding ideas.

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Posted on 10.29.12 by holiday @

When it comes to moms…they sometimes have as much equipment and medical supplies as the doctors do these day and an otoscope is a great thing to have on the list. You want to be able to check your kids eyes and even ears. I know that I have actually gotten quite could at being able to tell if my nephew has an ear infection just by looking at his ears when he seem grumpy. Saves unwanted trips to the doctors too.

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NFL Apparel
Posted on 10.23.12 by holiday @

When it comes to gifts it really depends on who you are getting them for. For example…my husband would love to get nfl jerseys especially this time of year as a gift. And or course they are having great sales this time of year because it is the end of the football season. Sporting apparel is just a gift that you can not go wrong with when it comes to getting gifts for that sports lover in your life. And with Valentine’s day coming up…you can keep this in mind for that someone special in your life. And there is so much more than jersey’s you can get too.

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Reporting product from
Posted on 10.12.12 by holiday @

When it comes to you business of course you want to be sure that it is living up to what it should be and having that great reporting product from could just be what makes your business succeed. Another thing to consider is website security. You have to be sure that you have a secure website that is not going to be hacked in anyway. So you have to stay on top of things. Prevention and organization is key in a business.

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Posted on 10.10.12 by holiday @

Saving money should not mean sacrificing the quality of the item that you are getting. And I do not like to do that. I like to buy quality whether it is a pair of shoelaces or a nice pair of men’s sunglasses for my husband. And there are many sites out there that have really high quailty items at a price that you can afford. And in my opinion the selection online is just so much better and larger than if you were to go in a store. And most sites have that guarantee and that return policy so it really is not problem to just return something if it does not fit properly.

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Your Dog’s House
Posted on 10.10.12 by holiday @

So, if you have a dog and they are outside of the majority of the day then you need to make sure that they have a doghouse to go in when it is raining and you are not home to take them in to a dry place. And if you already have a doghouse…just like any house – you have to make sure that it is not leaking. So, now is the month to take a look at your dogs house so that you can make the necessary repairs on it to make your dog a happier and healthier dog!

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Air Pot
Posted on 10.10.12 by holiday @

If you want to keep your coffee hot for hours then you have to check out the air pot. And personally I love how it is made from stainless steel. I am so tired of the plastics and the foam coffee cups. They are known to be extremely bad for your health especially when you put hot liquid in them because it just leaches all the toxins in the drink. And they don’t stay warm for more than 1/2 and hour. This way you can have that hot cup of coffee all the way to work on your long commute in the city!

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iPad 2
Posted on 10.10.12 by holiday @

I did not even know there was an iPad 2 – I must be out of the iPad loop – probably because I don’t have one. I mean how many electronics do you have to have in your home these days. I am actually trying to cut down on the electronics. Trying to downsize so I may get an iPad and get rid of the laptop. I mainly just like to read up on the news and stuff and it would be a lot more convenient to have an iPad to read at night. But for people who have i this and i that…you have to get an iGrip! 🙂

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Discount Maternity Clothes
Posted on 10.10.12 by holiday @

I love getting gifts for people that are pregnant whether it is kids clothes that they can put away for their baby or if it is maternity clothes that they can enjoy and wear right now. I was debating on getting my sister in law baby clothing because she just has so many…my mother in law just went a little crazy with all the baby clothes stuff! So I decided to get her gift certificates. And I love to shop online discount maternity clothes are not only affordable but they can be quite stylish depending on where you get them!

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Birthday Invitations
Posted on 10.10.12 by holiday @

There is nothing like getting birthday invitations in the mail when you are a kid. Kids do not get all that much mail as it is so when they get any mail they are excited but it is even better when they get something that they are invited too like a friends birthday party! And now you can even get invitations that match the theme of your kids birthday party and you can pretty much order everything online which makes it so much more convenient for mom!

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Posted on 09.15.12 by holiday @

I saw a house that actually had working shutters. I just love that look and they look so much better looking that the fake ones that are on virtually everyone’s houses. And they are great if you have lots of storms because they will protect your windows from smashing if you are having windy weather and the storm tries to knock that tree limb in your window.

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Poets Day
Posted on 08.21.12 by holiday @

Today is national poets day. So, if you are a poet and you didn’t know it…know it now and take advantage of it being your day. A great day to celebrate is to go sit down and try to right that poem. Although writing a poem can be quite difficult. That is … writing a good poem. Sometimes it takes weeks or months but then it just suddenly comes to you..usually in the middle of the night!

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Water Features
Posted on 08.21.12 by holiday @

Now is the time to get really nice decor for the outdoors because it is the end of the season so chances are you can find a great deal especially online. I love things like birdbaths, bird houses, water fountains, solar lights. There are so many things that you can get to make your yard or the area that you are decorating so much more appealing to the eye. And water features fabulous fountains. My towns school is asking for volunteers to donate time and money to help fix up the front of the school because it is just horrible looking and completely overgrown.

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International Homeless Animal Day
Posted on 08.20.12 by holiday @

So, today is international homeless animal day. I think the best pets are the ones that people save in the shelters. I know that I had a mutt that my parents saved in a shelter and I just loved that dog. It is the nicest and friendliest dog that I could have ever hoped for. It made for a fabulous pet for adults and kids and it was homeless – found on the streets and brought in the shelter and lucky me – we were there when it came in.

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Craft Supplies
Posted on 08.19.12 by holiday @

School is right around the corner for some and some kids have actually already started school. So now is the time to stock up on some craft supplies from for those many many projects that they have throughout the school year. Personally, the projects that teachers make the kids/parents do are just crazy. And it is so expensive for something so stupid in so many cases. I think that kids shouldn’t have to do projects that cost alot of money. It is bad enough that for the first day of school in a public school I already have dished out $100 on mandatory school supplies or they will be penalized.

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Posted on 08.06.12 by holiday @

As with anything you want to make sure that you are getting the most for your buck. No one wants to be overspending on products or services when they can be saving especially in this economy. Prices are going up but our paychecks are not going up. I have not had a payraise in around 4 years and 4 years ago I could barely make do…and there is a huge difference between the prices of things even just 4 years ago as compared to today. Savings is what people are looking for so just do your research so that you can get the savings you deserve.

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National Grilling Month
Posted on 07.27.12 by holiday @

Well that would make sense…it is the summer time and many people do like to have those picnics outdoors. And if you are going to have that get together the easier thing to do is to put things on the BBQ so that they will cook quick and easy and then there is little to no clean up afterwards. So get that grill out and start grilling because the month is almost over!

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