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A city located in the west of Portugal, Aveiro is known for its colorful boats or the Barcos Moliceiros. You can explore the city and gain a lot of knowledge and fun experiences by visiting the museum, ancient cathedrals and even a university. The city’s canals along with its long history are just some of the reasons why people choose this place as part of their trip. And if you’re here, don’t forget to try his popular sweet called Ovos Moles! To give you more insight about this place, we have created this short guide on the things you can do in Aveiro, in matter you are thinking of visiting this place once.

List of the best things to do in Aveiro, Portugal

1. Ria de Aveiro, Portugal

The Ria De Aveiro is absolutely beautiful, you can walk for hours on the banks of the street. There are also shops nearby. And it is unthinkable to go to Aveiro and not take a walk in Moliceiros. Such an excellent place for walking, you will see plenty of space, shops and restaurants in matter you get hungry.

2. Hotels near Museu de Aveiro

For those who love history and heritage, a visit to this monastery and museum is inevitable. A very good place to get to know Portuguese sacred art. The museum is a mix of modern structures and super old structures of the Convento de Jesus. The pieces are impeccably maintained. The monastery tells the story of several chapels that once existed there and leads you to the rest of the museum.

3. Oficina do Doce

Visiting Oficina do Doce, you will have the chance to learn about the history of Ovos Moles and many other sweets originally from the Aveiro region.

4. Parque Infante D. Pedro

This park dates back to 1862 and is part of the monastery of Santo António until then. A mega friendly place right in the center of Aveiro. It is a large area where you can rest and play sports at the same time. You can also eat there, as there are tables. Plus the lake inside makes the space more pleasant. A great place for nature lovers.

5. The Forum Of Aveiro

Great place to walk and enjoy Aveiro with its famous shops. There are a few shops in town. The Forum is undoubtedly the most beautiful, well located, has accessibility, and even good space for mothers with small babies. If you are in the area, try to go shopping!

6. University of Aveiro

The University campus of Aveiro offers modern architecture, the Green of nature and the blue of the sky and lagoon. It is emphasized in Europe when it comes to technology. It also has a beautiful campus spread over modern buildings and a generous environment.

7. Cattedrale di Aveiro

The Cathedral of Aveiro was originally part of the Convent of Jesus that came under the Dominican Order. This church was consecrated in 1464 and spared the fire that burned part of the monastery in 1834. It was in 1938 that it was raised to the level of a cathedral. The White of the walls, the polychrome carvings and the tiled walls form an interior that is worth a visit.

8. Ostrava

Ostraveiro is a company dedicated to oyster aquaculture and tourism. With two boathouses, a restaurant, a green space in the middle of the Ria De Aveiro, and boat trips, travelers will have everything for an unforgettable day of rest. If you like oysters you should go and if you don’t like them either, they have great alternatives. Definitely an indispensable place!

9. Aveiro Train Station

Aveiro station is a station in full operation Daily, combining the modern with the historical. In the old parts, held at the station, you can see various tile murals typical of the area.

10. Hotels near Capela de Sao Goncalinho

A small beautiful chapel close to the Fish Market, in the parish of Vera Cruz in Aveiro. It is only open for special events, such as weddings and baptisms. It is not one of the main tourist spots in the city, but it is very cute and hosts the most traditional religious festival in Aveiro, the São Gonçalinho Festival that takes place in the first days of the year.

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