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Are you planning to visit Pristina? It is the capital and largest city of Kosovo. You may be wondering what are the places to visit and things to do in this awesome city.

We got them for you. In this article, we have listed all possible things to do in Pristina, Kosovo, in the matter you decide to visit this Balkan country. By doing all this, you will definitely end up with an unforgettable experience in Pristina.

1. National Library of Pristina

The building may seem a little strange to some people, but if you look at it, you will appreciate how incredibly beautiful it is. It has interesting architecture that will attract everyone’s attention. If you search for it on the internet, you may read articles stating that it is one of the ugliest buildings in the world. We can agree that the design of this building is indeed unusual, but just because it is unusual does not mean that it is hideous. Take a tour and see how beautiful it is.

2. Mother Teresa Cathedral

Mother Teresa Cathedral is the largest Catholic Church in Pristina. It is even larger than all the mosques in the capital. The church is very well designed and so beautiful inside with stained glass murals of Holy Mother Teresa. The regularly ringing bells add a nice touch to the overall atmosphere of Prishtina. When you go here, take the elevator to the top of the tower for a breathtaking view of the city.

3. Monument to the newborn

The newborn monument in Pristina, Kosovo is located opposite the Palace of youth and sports. Going here, you will learn a lot about the interesting culture of Kosovo. there is good food around the monument and other activities to do. Every year this monument has a new coat of paint with a different theme. Definitely something unique in Kosovo. It’s worth stopping by for some great photos.

4. Ethnographic Museum

This museum in Pristina has a fantastic legacy of insight into Kosovo’s history. The museum is actually quite small. A large part of the collection consists of traditional clothing. Explanations in English about Albanian traditions are available to foreign tourists and although the museum is small, you can spend some time there if you read them all. Although you can visit on your own, we recommend getting a guide when you are here for a better understanding of the exhibits and history of Kosovo.

5. Hotels Near Germia Park

This park is located northeast of Pristina, Kosovo. It measures an area of 62 square kilometers. It is not far from the city center and ideal for walking or running. It is a very nice and Quiet Place, perfect for long walks and discussions. The surrounding area is also full of trees, so nature lovers would love to walk there. And there is also a charming restaurant on the park with delicious local cuisine. However, you have to walk a little to reach it. Don’t miss the opportunity to go there, this park encourages social interactions and body activities.

6. Albi shopping Centre

The ideal place for shopping lovers. The Albi shopping center includes a film, a food court and a bowling alley. It is also the best and largest shopping mall in Prishtina, Kosovo. The shops with beautiful clothes and household items, all here, they are a bit expensive though. It is highly recommended to go there, as no time is wasted. There are many things to entertain you; film, karaoke, bowling and shopping. A place for almost everything.

7. Fatih Mosque 

The mosque of faith is an Ottoman mosque in Pristina, Kosovo. It is the second oldest mosque and is beautifully restored with beautiful murals and a quiet courtyard before entering the hustle and bustle of the bazaar district. Access is also possible even for non-Muslims, just avoid prayer time. Going here must be one of your things to do in Pristina, Kosovo. This mosque is very beautiful. Beautiful building, and the towers above the streets around it. It also has a nice garden in front, a nice place to relax and unwind.

8. Statue of Bill Clinton

The Bill Clinton statue in Pristina, Kosovo, won’t take you much time. It is located on Bill Clinton Boulevard. The reason why there is a statue of the former President of the United States in Kosovo is that the locals consider him to be the person who helped them to achieve independence from Serbia. If you are in the area, it is a good “photo moment”.

9. Statue of Skanderbeg

The Statue of Skanderbeg is an impressive statue in Pristina’s main square. Skanderbeg was a popular medieval warlord in Albania and Kosovo. The reason why there is also a statue of him in Tirana, Albania. Going here is worth it because this statue on Pristina Boulevard is a good place to take pictures. The Statue of Skanderberg stands right in front of the Ibrahim Rugova-President monument. Good choice for those interested in old and new history.

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